April 15, 2018

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Though often great sources of information, per adoption agencies and breeders rarely provide information about pet insurance. Unsurprisingly, some pet parents have only heard about the concept in passing, generally responding with a, “sure, vet bills are high, that makes sense.” However, when it comes to purchasing pet insurance, few people know where to begin—let alone if it is worth the extra effort.

So, is pet insurance worth it?

In a word: Yes. In a couple of words: Absolutely, yes.

Insurance exists to help people pay for large and unexpected expenses; these accidents are very likely to occur with an animal. Think about it: If your animal is behaving strangely, you are unable to ask what’s wrong. This, inevitably, means a trip to the vet, and a basic appointment can cost hundreds of dollars. Frequent emergency or diagnostic trips can be very expensive, and pet insurance will protect you from the bulk of the cost.

Furthermore, the premiums are often inexpensive—sometimes as low as $10/month. $120 each year to ensure the safety of both your pet and savings account seems like a pretty good deal. If you have more than one animal, consider putting them both on the same plan; you may very well be able to save some money by bundling their premiums.

If you are considering purchasing pet insurance, be sure to do so as soon as you adopt or purchase your animal. The younger a pet is, the lower your premiums will be. Additionally, this is a great way to ensure coverage later in life; if an animal has yet to exhibit symptoms of a severe or chronic illness, purchasing pet insurance while they’re healthy will provide coverage through large, frequent medical bills.

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