September 10, 2021

Common Dog Exercise Services

Regular exercise is very important for your dogs. While different dogs require different forms of exercise, running is a popular option for larger, more active dogs. Not all dog owners are active people, so it is important for those owners to give their dogs adequate exercise. Mobile dog running services are a great option to let your dog run in a safe environment. We’ll cover this dog exercise option and the benefits of running your dogs. 

Importance of Running for Dogs

Much like with humans, running has physical and mental benefits for dogs. Physically, running helps with regulating a dog’s weight. In order for a dog to maintain a healthy weight, they have to continually burn and restore energy throughout the day. Ideally, this means exercising your dog about 30 minutes a day. Running does not have to be the only form of exercise your dog gets since your dog still needs to recover after a good run. 

Still, a run a few times a week can help your dog with mental stimulation, stress relief, and social skills. The running path exposes your dog to new scents and potentially new dogs which make them happier. Dogs can release any stored-up, anxious energy through running which translates to a better-behaved dog during the downtime throughout the day. 

Creating a balanced exercise routine for your dog can bond them to you and lets them register your run times as a positive reward. Like we said earlier, we know not everyone is a runner and can sustain this activity for their dog. However, there are great dog exercise services which can run your dog and get those same benefits. We’ll cover those next. 

Pet Exercise Services  

An example of a great dog exercise company is RunBuddy Mobile, a mobile dog gym in the Phoenix area. They offer trail sessions, one-time runs, or a weekly run. Their mobile gym is temperature-controlled and equipped to run many types of dogs. The sessions last for 30 minutes and leave the dogs happy and adequately exercised for that day. 

To get a better idea of what these services actually entail, you can check out the many photos and videos they have of dogs using their running equipment. If you are outside of the Phoenix area or are in another state altogether, you can search for similar services that operate in your area. Or, you can try to work your way up to running with your dog.