March 31, 2018

Choosing the Perfect Veterinarian for Your Furry Friend

Taking care of an animal entails annual visits to your local veterinarian. Unfortunately, the lack of resources means that most pet parents don’t know how to begin their search. Not all animal hospitals are created equal; therefore, you should choose a practice that works for both you and your pet. Below, we have created a list of factors to consider before becoming a veterinarian patient.

Yelp is your best friend. If you have a list of local animal hospitals, check online to see ratings and reviews from previous and current clients. This provides a candid look into the experiences had by other pet parents. Maybe the practice is more expensive, or perhaps they poorly handled a euthanasia case. Regardless, Yelp is the best place to look for strong opinions about a particular animal hospital.

Busier often means better. If you show up to a consultation or appointment and can’t find a seat in the waiting room, the animal hospital is likely one of the best around. Don’t be put off by busy, hectic, or fast-paced sitting areas and veterinarians—this often means that the clinic is popular and well-liked.

Money should be a priority. Veterinary bills are often pretty big, and small procedures and visits can quickly add up. When making your appointment, be sure to ask about costs up-front. Additionally, ask about how they expect payments to be made, as well as if there are opportunities for credit lines and repayment plans. Yelp is a great tool for understanding the relative expenses of a practice.

Flexibility and available hours are key to a good vet experience. You’ve settled on the perfect animal hospital, but they’re only open when you’re at work. Unfortunately, this means the animal hospital is not perfect. Though you may be able to secure a few hours off from work for the annual check-up, emergencies are unpredictable; if your animal experiences an accident, you should be able to take them to the animal hospital without worrying about hours of operation.

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