Millions of people worldwide enjoy the comfort and companionship provided by a furry friend. These pets are our family members—we play with them, we love them, and they absorb many of our resources, such as food, money, and time. More than 60% of American households have an animal in their family, and more than 70% of apartment renters in the country own dogs and cats. Chances are, your life has been touched or impacted by a pet in some way. Overwhelmingly, this relationship is shown to be positive.

However, taking care of an animal can be a stressful adventure. Between vet visits and scheduled feedings, excessive cleaning and pet introductions, parents must understand that the animal is entirely dependent upon their resources. Though we love and cherish the pets we keep, it is only natural to feel a twinge of regret when you open the door to see a pile of vomit on the ground.

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